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November 13, 2008
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Meme: Over The Years by YellowRibbons Meme: Over The Years by YellowRibbons
This came out bigger than I thought it would... aannnddd no one has to read this because I feel like rambling....

7th - I was shy, didn't have many friends but Monica and together we drew tons of stuff and discovered the internet and roleplaying. Teenspot was our main place to hang out online and had fun for being 12. I got in trouble, dragging Monica down with me so we were both grounded but still talked and hung out. I also skipped school alot like an ediot since I call this year my 'rebelious' phase.

Summer inbetween - Lots of bad things happened; I started cutting, got put into a hospital and started taking antidepression and antipsychotics, plus sleeping pills. Hospitals = not fun. Taking multiple pills a day = not fun. Watching a 12-year-old anorexic girl pull a feeding tube out of her nose then cough up blood = NOT FUN... also, putting salt on watermelon = gross.

Repeated 7th - Had to repeat a year of school at Mingus Mountain Academy. Nancy became my therapist and was totally awesome and I loved talking with her. I rode Jim, an 18 hand high chestnut quarter horse whom I loved dearly and fell off many times. My math teacher, Mr. Toben, used to play the piano every morning, and on your birthday he played two songs for you(I got Yellow Submarine and Hey Jude) and my English teacher, Mrs. Perkins, used to ask me why I kept acting like a 13-year-old, lol. Inside joke, but I was 13 at the time and I keep in contact with Mrs. Perkins every once in a while. That outfit was also the school 'uniform'... sweat pants XD

8th - I gradutated from the program at Mingus, moved back home, moved across town to my new home, cut my hair to my shoulders, adopted my dad's navy blue corduroy jacket, became a tomboy and started dating Mike(who lived in Texas). I also discovered the joys of reading, writing and found some new friends(including ~TintedGreen.) We were all the anime outcasts and got food thrown at us till one day I stood up and yelled so loudly at the boys who got beans in my hair that the whole lunch room went quiet and then they never threw shit at us again. This year was fun times: had a blast in Science class with Mrs. Greenspan, I got into Drama Club with Ms. Griffen(stared in Once Upon A Playground) and started drawing some more, along with writing shitty shitty poetry.

9th - Best year of school EVER. Still a tomboy, still wore that jacket, still dated Mike long distence(though I met him in person during winter break), got into Advanced Drama(played Oberon in A Midsummer Night's Dream) and Stage Crew, plus my Algebra teacher was the bom. I randomly dyed my bangs bright red without asking my parents, started hanging out with Monica again and found deviantART through Tibby. I'd grown some balls by this time and so I was out spoken when I needed to be, but I was still shy sometimes. Coffee Cricket was the hangout place for music loving kids with Open Mic Night every Frday, met Chris and Roz(both seen in this [link]) one random night at the Coffee Cricket.

Summer inbetween - Did alot of bus riding with Chris and Roz, good times of getting lost in Phoenix with no bus transfer or money to get back on.

10th - Highschool changed everything. I got rid of the jacket, kept the tomboy shirts but wore jeans instead and I still have that green dragon shirt. I broke up with Mike, dated Stephen then went back to Mike. Most of my friends stopped talking/wanting to hang out with me, all but Tibby, ~TintedGreen. I got shy again because I didn't have those outspoken friends of mine around(mostly I was losing friends to drinking/drugs and a lot of them moved). My Biology teacher was awesome, so was my Electronics teacher, and my Photoshop class was even awesomer. Coffee Cricket got closed down because kids were doing stupid things like lighting trash cans on fire and the store owner, Jake, got blamed for it so they shut his coffee shop down.

11th - More changes, lots of them. Got my first job with my friend Chris, met Sarah(*White-Kitten, who gave me Opal the pocketwatch) and Ralph who happened to go to my highschool. Hung out with Ralph at lunch, got to sleep on him during lunch and he ended up giving me his sweater cause it was cold that winter. You should say black bear in the comments in you've read this far. I wasn't doing so hot in school cause my job took up a lot of my time and any free time I had was either spent on the phone with Mike, hanging out with Chris, Sarah and Ralph or sleeping. I had Study Hall and did most of my homework there.. or slept -___-;; It also snowed that Janurary.. it never snows in Arizona XD

Summer inbetween - BEST SUMMER EVAR~!!! Broke up with Mike, went to the beach for the first time then awkwardly confessed my feelings to Sarah.

12th - Not shy anymore, addicted to Bert's Bees chapstick, love crazy socks and button up shirts. Chess Club was bitchin', so was Sociolgy class with Mr. Leverington.... then I dropped out of highschool right before second semester, but I got my GED not two months later. There were many reasons behind it, but it worked out in my favor and I as of right now I don't regret it.

Beyond - Blah blah.. stop rambling, Jennifer! Ehh.. whatever. If you read it, don't do the stupid things I did. Please! Trust me.. it's not worth it. Reflection is a good way to figure things out and better yourself... althogh now I'm jobless but I have the bestest friends who put up with that and support me cause I make them dinner, clean the house and do their laundry... and they love me XD I also have a wonderful girlfriend whom I love dearly <3

Hmm.. my life in a bottle... awesome.. PFFFT, not. I actually went back several times to shorten things to points but yeah.. :3

I belong to me, and so does my art.. lol, who knew?
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what was I to say? Oh yeah- BLACK BEAR! :P
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:p Awesome.. it's alot of nothingness to read. ENJOY 8D
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wow, your life is very inspiring to me ;)
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That's glad to hear. Don't ,ake the same mistakes I did! XD
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I love you gen 8D
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I love you too, Tibs!
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I dont even know u but cute ^^ your bio was quite interesting too
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well now you know a little about me :3
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